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MojiTrac Tips and Tricks

Now that MojITrac is getting some day to day use I thought it'd be helpful to throw a couple tips out on how how best to work with it. So, here you go:

  1. The File Manager is setup using a container model so you can group files on context. Using the redesign of as an example, ideally there should be a single Homepage file container, with each revision uploaded underneath that file. This way all the Homepage mockups are listed in the same location along with their salient details which should make review a breeze (just click preview on each in line to see differences).
  2. You can manage your notification preferences, for what actions send an email, as well as your timezone, so dates are all in line with where the team member is, from the Preferences section.
  3. In the Time Tracker, you can use multiple time formats for setting your hours. Use either decimals (5.5, 4.67, etc hours) or in clock formatting (2:30, 2:45, etc, as hour:minute)
  4. You can suppress emails from being sent on Task updates by using the Progress Slider (which only appears for those a Task is Assigned to)
  5. If you're involved with other MojiTrac sites (for example I have as well as a couple clients who use it as well, you use your same credentials to access each site. (Hint: I'm also working on a way to make things a LOT simpler even)
  6. Your user image comes from Gravatar, so if you want an image to display for your account you'll need to set your MojiTrac email there.
  7. All Textareas are formatted using Markdown. If you're not familiar, it's sorta the latest and greatest HTML alternative; here's a simple doc on how to format things if you want to get fancy.
  8. The Project Activity sidebar is contextual, based on the company or project you're viewing. For example, looking at the mithra62 company will only display mithra62 specific project activity, while looking at the Project will only display related details.

I hope these help everyone make the most of MojiTrac.

Update for January 26th 2015

This week I spent a LOT of time resolving a couple minor issues (and 1 big issue) with MojiTrac and crossing some items off the feature request sheet.

The big bug killed resolved around moving a Project from 1 Company to another. Previously, yeah..., that didn't work so hot. Now it's all worked out nicely. All the children items, like Tasks, Files, etc, stay related and accountable, so there shouldn't be any issues there.

In terms of smaller bugs, there was an issue for some users and the Timers, when started from a Project, as well as the issue with changing a Task status when it was closed from the progress slider. All fixed and working as expected.

Feature wise, there are quite a few goodies this week including encrypted Bookmark and Note data, configurable scheduling, and a new mechanism to self allow your own IP when the IP Locker is enabled.

First, you can now encrypt the details for both Notes and Bookmarks descriptions for storage. This is highly recommended when sharing login credentials (username / password combos) or any other sensitive details. This will add another level of protection around your data though it des come with a cost: once global search is enabled you won't be able to search for Notes and Bookmarks when they're encrypted (for, I hope, obvious reasons).

Next, I've added in some configuration when it comes to scheduling last weeks todos. Right now, you can schedule the hour your Daily Reminder email is sent and, for MojiTrac administrators, the number of days a Task must remain untouched before it's archived. This should add some better control over how MojiTrac works just for you and your team.

I've also added in a quick and easy way to switch between your various MojITrac accounts (if you have any). For example, I have a MojiTrac for mithra62, and a couple clients use MojITrac as well, so I'm involved in a couple. To help with this, there's now a listing on your User Account page that will list out any other MojITracs you can visit. I'm in the process of making the login universal, so when logged into one MojiTrac will keep you logged into your others, but for now you just use your single MojiTrac account to access them all.

The last feature has to do with the IP Locker and easing the pains involved with limiting access based on IP Address. Those familiar with the mithra62 ExpressionEngine add-on Securit:ee will recognize the idea: you can now configure certain MojiTrac users to allow themselves past the IP Locker when their IP Address is blocked.

Previously, when an IP Address is blocked, MojiTrac just dies with a white screen. Not ideal. Now, instead, there's an error message page displayed, with details on what happened and why.

More importantly than that though, you can also allow certain MojiTrac users to verify their identity and allow their own IP Address without any manual intervention. It works like this:

There's a new Permission that will allow Administrators to set certain users with the ability to add their own IP Address. Once configured, any user who is blocked by the IP Locker will have a button displayed that, when clicked, will send an email to the account owner with an expiring link that will add a users IP to the white list. This way, you can ensure the account owner is really the account owner and less likely a compromised account.

All these features and bug fixes have already been rolled out and are available.

Month 1 Recap

Holy crap. If you had told me that releasing MojITrac would be the start of one of the most productive months I'd ever experience, I'd have said you were full of shit. But, here we are with life getting real and free time quickly becoming a memory.

I'm still very much in the trenches day to day with client work, though I'm hoping to clear as much off my plate as I can as fast as I can. And mithra62 is still rocking along, actually doing quite well on its own (but that too requires a bit of attention every single day). I find myself starting and ending my day with client and mithra62 work with MojiTrac and client work in between.

It's funny. After spending so long building the debut version of MojiTrac (>4 years over 2 different platforms) I really thought I had nipped all the main bugs out. If anything, I figured, there would only be some random edge case stuff that wouldn't affect anyone too adversely. Nope. I was waaaaayyyyy off there. So HUGE props to the early beta testers; you people are the true heroes (*sniff*).

But, as mentioned, it's still been a very productive month. I've added in a bunch of new features like daily task reminders, task automatic archiving, image previews, built this very site, and a whole lot more. On top of that, bugs and bugs and bugs and bugs have all been killed, with extreme prejudice, so MojiTrac is as stable as ever. If you're curious, take a look at the Announcements section of the Support Forums for the full details on what's been going on and when.

Next month is looking to be just as exciting.

Update for January 19th 2015

This week I spent a LOT of time not so much adding new user facing features so much as on infrastructure that peripherally adds a couple features. If you don't see the difference immediately don't beat yourself up; kind of a confusing concept.

Still, feature wise for all MojiTrac users, this week we have 2:

  1. Daily Reminder Notifications
  2. Task Auto Archive

The Daily Reminder Notification is essentially an email that gets sent every day. Right now, there isn't scheduling or configuration just yet, but that's planned for a future update. The email will contain your most immediate tasks based on end date and include all tasks from all your MojiTrac accounts. So, for example, if you're like me and have a MojITrac account for your business, and have a client who's invited you to their account as well, you'll get reminded for all tasks in a single email.

The Task Auto Archive is actually pretty straight forward; every day at around midnight PST (also to be configurable later) MojITrac will update all Tasks that have been set to Complete and haven't been touched for at least 6 days to a status of Archived. This will prevent the Task from showing up on any page except for the Task List views where all Tasks are displayed. Think of it as housekeeping to make sure only what matters and is relevant is front and center.

The above were actually the easy part; to accomplish it all required building a Cron style mechanism into MojiTrac. Not that big a deal for 99% of users, but for developers or those planning on purchasing MojiTrac when it becomes available later this year, this is a truly nice feature. Essentially, developers will be able to create Cron jobs easily and with minimal pain for MojiTrac.

Update for January 12th 2015

Today brings a slew of updates and bug fixes to tighten MojITrac up where I could. It's been hectic, still, with trying to close the client work so I can focus 100% on MojiTrac, but I'm still crossing todos off the list:

  1. Adds validation requirement to prevent users from inviting themselves
  2. Fixes Task notification emails
  3. Fixes File notification email content
  4. Removes status dropdown for file revisions when containing file is set to "no approvals needed"
  5. Fixes Project Name display on File form
  6. Finishes File Revision Notification
  7. Fixes File Revision url in timeline
  8. Adds filtering by project in the sidebar activity log
  9. Removes submenu links from project view
  10. Adds encryption and decrytion (hashing) to Hash Model
  11. Adds AlphaNumeric validation requirement to subdomain input
  12. Adds missing file revision upload time stamp

This week should be plenty productive. I'm hoping to get the daily, scheduled, notification emails out next, but it's a BIG problem and other, smaller, things are coming up. Still; it's gonna be fun!

Update for January 5th 2015

This has been a really productive week with lots and lots getting done!

First, the official MojiTrac site has gone live. I built it on the new content management system Craft from my good friends at Pixel and Tonic. This was my first opportunity to use their CMS but, true to their reputation, P&T created an excellent piece of software. All told, it only took around 30 hours to build (using a Bootstrap CSS template) and there was minimal pain.

As to MojiTrac, the app, lots got done there too though most were related to bugs and cleaning up existing functionality.

  1. The Contextual Help functionality has been removed for now while the new UI is worked out.
  2. Fixes view all files link under company list
  3. Adds Image Preview to Files
  4. Fixes missing company data from files with only company relationship
  5. Removes legacy zf1 validation logic
  6. Adds batch script to generate documentation

This week I'm planning on focusing on the daily notifications, so users can start getting their todo list in the inbox when they want.

Update for December 29th 2014

Last week was a tad slow with the Christmas holiday but I was still able to get a good deal of MojiTrac work done.

First, I spent a good deal of time getting the brochure site done. It's still under internal review, but everyone can take a gander at the stage server if you're curious. It's built on the Craft content management system, and uses Bootstrap for an HTML framework.

I also rolled out a feature to the MojITrac app to allow for the removal of user Invites after they're sent.

As always, if there are any suggestions post a feature request.

And... We're Launched!

After over 4 years of internal development, 2 complete rewrites, and countless partners and ex-partners, MojiTrac is finally launched! The Functional Beta, which was announced last week on, is going well, and now the official site is launched. Expect more to come!

Update for December 22nd 2014

So far I've gotten some detailed feedback on what's working and what's not. Here's a list of what's been done to get MojiTrac ready for official release:

  1. Adds check to ensure a user is attached to the active account before allowing for removal
  2. Fixes URLs on User view to link to invite
  3. Removes requirement for unique key and option_name for settings table
  4. Adds messaging to reset password page
  5. Removes ability to edit Users from other accounts (PM)
  6. Removes ability to control User Roles from User Edit page
  7. Sets all attempts to edit a user to use the currently logged in
  8. Removes ability to edit other users
  9. Adds UserRole form to change Account User Roles per account
  10. Fixes ProjectPriority image output
  11. Removes report icons and links
  12. Moves PM Setting defaults from Application module into PM module
  13. Sets Time Tracker form to default to billable

All the above has been pushed live and ready to be played with.