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MojiTrac Tips and Tricks

Now that MojITrac is getting some day to day use I thought it'd be helpful to throw a couple tips out on how how best to work with it. So, here you go:

  1. The File Manager is setup using a container model so you can group files on context. Using the redesign of as an example, ideally there should be a single Homepage file container, with each revision uploaded underneath that file. This way all the Homepage mockups are listed in the same location along with their salient details which should make review a breeze (just click preview on each in line to see differences).
  2. You can manage your notification preferences, for what actions send an email, as well as your timezone, so dates are all in line with where the team member is, from the Preferences section.
  3. In the Time Tracker, you can use multiple time formats for setting your hours. Use either decimals (5.5, 4.67, etc hours) or in clock formatting (2:30, 2:45, etc, as hour:minute)
  4. You can suppress emails from being sent on Task updates by using the Progress Slider (which only appears for those a Task is Assigned to)
  5. If you're involved with other MojiTrac sites (for example I have as well as a couple clients who use it as well, you use your same credentials to access each site. (Hint: I'm also working on a way to make things a LOT simpler even)
  6. Your user image comes from Gravatar, so if you want an image to display for your account you'll need to set your MojiTrac email there.
  7. All Textareas are formatted using Markdown. If you're not familiar, it's sorta the latest and greatest HTML alternative; here's a simple doc on how to format things if you want to get fancy.
  8. The Project Activity sidebar is contextual, based on the company or project you're viewing. For example, looking at the mithra62 company will only display mithra62 specific project activity, while looking at the Project will only display related details.

I hope these help everyone make the most of MojiTrac.