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Month 1 Recap

Holy crap. If you had told me that releasing MojITrac would be the start of one of the most productive months I'd ever experience, I'd have said you were full of shit. But, here we are with life getting real and free time quickly becoming a memory.

I'm still very much in the trenches day to day with client work, though I'm hoping to clear as much off my plate as I can as fast as I can. And mithra62 is still rocking along, actually doing quite well on its own (but that too requires a bit of attention every single day). I find myself starting and ending my day with client and mithra62 work with MojiTrac and client work in between.

It's funny. After spending so long building the debut version of MojiTrac (>4 years over 2 different platforms) I really thought I had nipped all the main bugs out. If anything, I figured, there would only be some random edge case stuff that wouldn't affect anyone too adversely. Nope. I was waaaaayyyyy off there. So HUGE props to the early beta testers; you people are the true heroes (*sniff*).

But, as mentioned, it's still been a very productive month. I've added in a bunch of new features like daily task reminders, task automatic archiving, image previews, built this very site, and a whole lot more. On top of that, bugs and bugs and bugs and bugs have all been killed, with extreme prejudice, so MojiTrac is as stable as ever. If you're curious, take a look at the Announcements section of the Support Forums for the full details on what's been going on and when.

Next month is looking to be just as exciting.