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Update for January 26th 2015

This week I spent a LOT of time resolving a couple minor issues (and 1 big issue) with MojiTrac and crossing some items off the feature request sheet.

The big bug killed resolved around moving a Project from 1 Company to another. Previously, yeah..., that didn't work so hot. Now it's all worked out nicely. All the children items, like Tasks, Files, etc, stay related and accountable, so there shouldn't be any issues there.

In terms of smaller bugs, there was an issue for some users and the Timers, when started from a Project, as well as the issue with changing a Task status when it was closed from the progress slider. All fixed and working as expected.

Feature wise, there are quite a few goodies this week including encrypted Bookmark and Note data, configurable scheduling, and a new mechanism to self allow your own IP when the IP Locker is enabled.

First, you can now encrypt the details for both Notes and Bookmarks descriptions for storage. This is highly recommended when sharing login credentials (username / password combos) or any other sensitive details. This will add another level of protection around your data though it des come with a cost: once global search is enabled you won't be able to search for Notes and Bookmarks when they're encrypted (for, I hope, obvious reasons).

Next, I've added in some configuration when it comes to scheduling last weeks todos. Right now, you can schedule the hour your Daily Reminder email is sent and, for MojiTrac administrators, the number of days a Task must remain untouched before it's archived. This should add some better control over how MojiTrac works just for you and your team.

I've also added in a quick and easy way to switch between your various MojITrac accounts (if you have any). For example, I have a MojiTrac for mithra62, and a couple clients use MojITrac as well, so I'm involved in a couple. To help with this, there's now a listing on your User Account page that will list out any other MojITracs you can visit. I'm in the process of making the login universal, so when logged into one MojiTrac will keep you logged into your others, but for now you just use your single MojiTrac account to access them all.

The last feature has to do with the IP Locker and easing the pains involved with limiting access based on IP Address. Those familiar with the mithra62 ExpressionEngine add-on Securit:ee will recognize the idea: you can now configure certain MojiTrac users to allow themselves past the IP Locker when their IP Address is blocked.

Previously, when an IP Address is blocked, MojiTrac just dies with a white screen. Not ideal. Now, instead, there's an error message page displayed, with details on what happened and why.

More importantly than that though, you can also allow certain MojiTrac users to verify their identity and allow their own IP Address without any manual intervention. It works like this:

There's a new Permission that will allow Administrators to set certain users with the ability to add their own IP Address. Once configured, any user who is blocked by the IP Locker will have a button displayed that, when clicked, will send an email to the account owner with an expiring link that will add a users IP to the white list. This way, you can ensure the account owner is really the account owner and less likely a compromised account.

All these features and bug fixes have already been rolled out and are available.